Ages 6 wks – 1 year
Our nursery is a warm, welcoming space tailored for the littlest learners, from newborns aged 6 weeks to 1-year-old toddlers. Designed with the delicate needs of infants in mind, our environment is secure and stimulating, filled with soft colors, gentle textures, and plenty of natural light to foster a sense of calm and curiosity. We understand the importance of these early stages in life, which is why our nursery features a variety of sensory experiences that encourage exploration and growth. From soft music and gentle tactile materials to engaging visual stimuli, every element is chosen to support their developmental milestones, such as sensory exploration, motor skills, and early language acquisition.

Creative Arts Program

At Kids Patrol our Creative Arts program is a vibrant and integral part of our curriculum, designed to ignite children’s imagination, creativity, and self-expression. Through a variety of engaging activities, children are encouraged to explore their artistic talents and develop a deep appreciation for the arts. Our dedicated educators provide guidance and support, fostering a nurturing environment where children can freely express themselves and showcase their unique creativity.

Benefits – enhances children’s cognitive and motor skills but also nurtures their emotional well-being and confidence.

A day in our Nursery Room…

A day in our nursery unfolds in a beautifully structured yet flexible manner, designed to cater to the rhythms and needs of infants aged 6 weeks to 1 year. Here’s a glimpse of a typical day:


For those who haven’t had breakfast at home, we offer a nutritious morning meal in our cosy dining area. It’s a time for children to start their day with a healthy eating routine, sitting together and enjoying a variety of age-appropriate, wholesome foods.


The day begins with a warm welcome as each child arrives. Our nurturing educators greet every family, ensuring a smooth transition from home to nursery. This time allows for any important updates to be shared between parents and staff.


We encourage parents to spend a few moments with their children to help transition and settle them on their first days. It’s a space designed for you to connect with other families, enjoy a cup of coffee, and observe your child engaging in the morning activities through our observation windows.


After breakfast, we dive into our morning activities. These are carefully planned to stimulate curiosity and exploration, with a focus on sensory play, fine motor skills development, and gentle movement exercises.

Morning Tea

Mid-morning, we gather for a snack. This is not just a time to refuel but also an opportunity for social interaction and the development of self-feeding skills under the watchful eyes of our educators.


Post morning tea, we engage in arts-related activities. Whether it’s finger painting, soft clay modeling, or exploring different textures, arts play a crucial role in expressing creativity and supporting sensory development.

Rest Time

Following a busy morning, rest time is essential. Our tranquil rest area is equipped with individual cots and soft bedding, ensuring a peaceful environment for napping and recharging.


As the children wake up from their nap, a nutritious lunch is served. Meals are crafted to be healthy and appealing to little ones, promoting a positive eating experience and nurturing their growing bodies. For newborns and infants that are drinking breastmilk or formula, we will try to cater to their normal feeding schedules as much as possible.

Cognitive and Physical Development

The early afternoon is dedicated to activities that foster cognitive and physical growth. From simple puzzles that enhance problem-solving skills to soft play areas that encourage crawling and walking, every activity is designed to support their developmental milestones.

Afternoon Tea

Later in the afternoon, we gather once again for a light snack. This is a gentle break that divides the day and provides the energy needed for the remaining activities.

Environmental Sustainability

Our nursery is committed to teaching the importance of caring for our planet from an early age. Activities might include water play with recycled materials or planting seeds in our garden, highlighting the beauty of nature and the importance of conservation.

Home Time

As the day winds down, we prepare for home time. This is a calm period where children can engage in quiet play, listen to stories, or participate in gentle music activities as they await their parents’ arrival.

Features & Facilities

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Our daily schedule is designed with love and intention, ensuring that every child feels safe, stimulated, and supported in their development and learning journey. Take some time to explore our other learning journeys here.

6 weeks – 1 year

Our Nursery program is specifically designed to foster the curiosity of our youngest learners. We provide a safe, nurturing, and stimulating environment for infants, with a focus on building strong foundations for growth and development. Our experienced caregivers are dedicated to ensuring that each child receives the love, attention, and support they need.

2 – 3 years

We welcome the energetic and curious nature of toddlers. Our Toddler Room is thoughtfully designed to cater to the unique developmental needs of children aged 1 to 3 years old. With a blend of structured activities and guided exploration, our experienced educators provide a safe and engaging environment where toddlers can learn, play, and grow.

3 – 4 years

Our Pre-Kindergarten program is specially designed to prepare children aged 3 for the transition to kindergarten while fostering their natural curiosity through play based learning. With a focus on hands-on exploration, social-emotional development, and school readiness skills, our experienced educators provide a supportive environment where children can thrive.


4 – 6 years

At Kids Patrol, we prioritise foundational life skills in our Kindergarten and Pre-School curriculum, ensuring a smooth transition to school. Our Kindergarten journey celebrates each child’s individuality, fostering a love for self and learning through innovative play-based opportunities. Join us for an enriching experience that empowers children to thrive!